HONEST. Advocate: Tia Leino


Used in this project: Camera: Minolta XD-7 - lenses used were Vivitar 28 mm f 2.8 and Minolta MD Rokkor 50 mm f 1.4.  
Various color negative films: Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Potra 800 and Fujifilm X-tra Superia 400.

Tia Leino was born in Lahti, Finland in 1977. Her interest in photography started during her first trips around Europe.
Tia has done various courses of photography in Italy and the UK. In 2009 she started a 3 years degree in photography at GrisArt, “Escuela Internacional Fotografia” in Barcelona, where she specialized in creating fine art projects. 

Tia currently works as a freelance photographer and is still passionate about film photography and old-school techniques. She lives and works in Barcelona.

Used in this project: Camera: Minolta XD-7 - lenses used were Vivitar 28 mm f 2.8 and Minolta MD Rokkor 50 mm f 1.4.  
Various color negative films: Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Potra 800 and Fujifilm X-tra Superia 400.

Time flies and waits for no one. This is a retro-perspective and very personal photography project about my father, who passed away too early – from a stroke at the age of 53. It is my last words to him.
This series is all about time, life and death, and how the present meets the past. In this project I go back to my roots and construct my memory all over again, in order to not to forget, reflecting it to this moment and trying to make it remain forever.

“We exist as long as somebody remembers us” (Carlos Ruiz Zafón). The human memory is fragile and we do not have clear memories from most parts of our lives at all. When someone dies, one story is gone, only the interpretation remains. To be able to remember we need to tell a story.
— Tia Leino

Used in this project: Camera: Minolta XD-7 - lenses used were Vivitar 28 mm f 2.8 and Minolta MD Rokkor 50 mm f 1.4.  
Various color negative films: Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Potra 800 and Fujifilm X-tra Superia 400.

I prefer analogue photography for its authenticity.
For me, it has more feeling than digital shots, plus I like the tones and textures better than in digital.
Also, you never know the final result on before hand and it leaves space for surprises, as in life in generally.
I didn´t want to amend the reality with any kind of postproduction, you need to take and accept things as they are.
For this project particularly, I chose analogical method because it made me easier to reflect the past and the nostalgia.
Film grain also reminds me of memory, something very fragile made of thousands of pieces.
As result, the images are not perfect but nor they are supposed to be.
The camera is old and it has gained dust etc, but that suits in the nature of the project.

I welcome casualty and coincidence, which also make a big part of our life.
— Tia Leino

Used in this project: Camera: Minolta XD-7 - lenses used were Vivitar 28 mm f 2.8 and Minolta MD Rokkor 50 mm f 1.4.  
Various color negative films: Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Potra 800 and Fujifilm X-tra Superia 400.

All images of this project have been taken on film and no kind of digital postproduction is involved. The original and complete work of art is a handmade book. Here selected images are part of it and they have been on display in various exhibitions in Spain. 

This series was created during the years 2011 and 2012 and published in 2012.


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HONEST. Launch Party Vienna - Recap

If you have missed our launch party of HONEST. Issue Ø at Heuer am Karlsplatz, here is a little recap!

© Kerstin Magdalena Heinrich || Revolog Effect Film

First off, thanks to everybody who made it out to our little shindig! We had an amazing time celebrating and it looked like a lot of you did too! 

A lot of us started this fantastic evening with one of HEUER's delicious signature gin cocktails and a stroll through our garden exhibition. It was the perfect way to showcase the works of our talented photographers! The fine art prints were provided by our friends at LEUTNER BILDWERKSTATT and were framed by MAISON BLANCHET FRÈRES, who also did a little pop-up table at our event! 

© Hanna Pribitzer || Revolog Effect Film 

© Hanna Pribitzer || Revolog Effect Film

As soon as everybody was settled in and in a party mood, MYNTH started to play their amazing live set! People got on the dance floor and enjoyed the music that fit the vibe of that summer evening perfectly. 

Speaking of perfect vibes: After we announced the winners of our little raffle the girls of THAT GOOD WIBE COLLECTIVE took over the turntables and rocked the party! In between dancing wildly on the floor, we met a lot of interesting peeps, who were not only excited for the launch of our magazine but also to be part of our tribe! You guys surely took the chance to snap a few friends pics in our photo booth and some of you even got to enjoy one of the effect films, which were kindly provided by our friends at REVOLOG.

© Luca-Mercedes Stemer || Kodak Portra 400 || Mynth in Action

© Kerstin Magdalena Heinrich || Revolog Effect Film

All in all we had an amazing time with you and everybody involved and we send out some big thanks to each and every one of you! If you weren't there, don't worry, there will be plenty more parties to come! Make sure to follow us here on our blog, as well as on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Love you guys,


HONEST. Launch Party - Vienna

A step by step guide through our Event.

As you can imagine we are very excited about our launch party tomorrow. We have a whole raft of entertainment planned for you! To make it a little bit easier for you, we decided to give you a full overview about what's going to happen at HEUER:

7:00pm - Official Start of the Party


Outside you find our Garden Exhibition showing work of Nika de Carlo, Xenia Bluhm and Luca-Mercedes Stemer, whose photographs are also featured in HONEST. Issue Ø.
(All prints are for sale, you can find the prices and information in our gallery folders!)


The first 25 guests who come with their own 35mm film camera will get 1 free REVOLOG effect film to shoot during the event! 
[Revolog produces special effect films for analog photographic cameras. Every film is handmade.]
The films can be exposed and developed as usual. However if you bring them by our HONEST. booth once you're done with it, we will develop them for you, free of charge! 


During the event you have the chance to buy postcards. Each postcard comes with a Tombola Ticket. This ticket gives you the chance to win one of the fine art prints exhibited in the garden, as well as HONEST. Magazines and other merchandise! 
The tombola drawing will take place after the live set of Mynth. 


If you forgot your camera at home, don't worry. We have a photographer on site who will take pictures of you and your friends! (analogue of course!)


At 8.30 PM the amazing Duo MYNTH will join us on the terrace for some good live music! 
Enjoy the music, have a few drinks, take pictures and have a good time! 

9.30 PM - That Good Ẅibe Collective

After the Mynth live set and the tombola drawing we will head back inside for some video screening and dancing to the sounds of That Good Ẅibe Collective

We hope you enjoy the night, make new friends and collect some great memories! 
Here's to HONEST. and to our TRIBE! 

See you tomorrow.

Signature HONEST. Welcome drink. 
First come, first serve!

HONEST. Advocate: Mathias Baumgart

Mathias Baumgart

Praktica MTL 5B; Film: Fuji Superia 200
Flugplatz Tempelhof - Berlin, Germany
March 2013

Mathias Baumgart is a 26 year-old photographer living and working in Vienna, Austria.
In his work he switches between exploring the digital image creation process, which the 21st century has brought us, and observing his direct surroundings with an old-fashioned analog camera.

Mathias is fascinated by the potential of abstraction in film photography. Using standard methods like framing, exposure control and the development process he creates images that refer to the world in the form of shapes, shadows and silhouettes.
In a sceptical approach Mathias questions the theory of photographs as objective reproductions. He tries to use new ways of seeing reality through a lens and on a flattened, composed and eventually manipulated picture – even without the need of modern post production tools.

Praktica MTL 5B; Film: Fuji Superia 200
Flugplatz Tempelhof - Berlin, Germany
March 2013

I like the grip and the textured look an analog photograph has - digital images often look too smooth. Working with “real” photographs, actually holding one in your hand after you’ve developed them has always been more pleasing for me.

The fact that I am limited to only 36 images has also helped me work more thoughtfully and to be more precise.
— Mathias Baumgart

Praktica MTL 5B; Film: Fuji Superia 200
Flugplatz Tempelhof - Berlin, Germany
March 2013

Indiegogo Perks


Last week we have already presented you the first part of our Indiegogo Perks, ranging from €25 up to €100! We admit that our last four perks are more for the big spenders among you peeps, but at the same time also the most exciting ones.. So brace yourselves for the countdown of the final four HONEST. perks!


This is an example of how our fine art prints will look like! Photo by Nika de Carlo

This is an example of how our fine art prints will look like! Photo by Nika de Carlo

This is the first perk that also includes a fine art print of one of the photos from our Issue Ø! It will be the first out of five limited prints that will be sold of that photo, which means that only four other people will own that exclusive print! Thanks to our friends at Maison Blanchet Frères the photo will be printed and framed in only the highest quality!




Perk No. 6 is the real deal and comes with basically anything your HONEST. heart is longing for! It combines everything from the previous perks, which includes stickers, postcards, a tote bag, a signed Issue Ø and a subscription for the upcoming three issues! On top of that you will also get an exclusive fine art print of one of the photos from Issue Ø, in fact you will get the third to last of the five limited prints that will be for sale!



You are an experienced photographer but would like to try out new equipment and get some fresh inspiration? You wanna learn how to shoot on film and how to choose the right gear for different situations? You have always wanted to learn how to develop your own film? This perk is definitely for you. Not only will you be able to participate in an exclusive analogue photography workshop with one of the HONEST. founders and one of our HONEST. Advocates, but you will also get to develop your own rolls in the dark room with us! Also we will make sure you don't have to sleep outside or starve to death!




Here we go. We'll be honest with you: If you have too much money lying around and/or have a narcissistic personality, then this perk is made for you, my sweet prince(ss). We will photograph a body part of yours (or the whole thing) that will be on the front cover of an exclusive edition limited to 100 magazines (of which 10 are yours to keep!). And if that is not enough yet, it will also carry your name. Yes, this could be your legacy. Seize this once in a lifetime chance so you can tell your grandkids about it! (Also beers are included)


This is it, boys and girls. We hope you found something you like or at least felt amused about our creative naming of the perks. Please help us fund this project and we will shower you with.. well, all of the above. Stay honest, my dears!

HONEST. Advocate: Mia Berg

Mia Berg - I Looked For You In Every Field 

Shot on Nikon F-100, 35mm Nikon Portra NC film 

Mia Berg uses photography and video to explore the relationship between the human and the natural environment. Enacting a conversation with light, distance and gesture, Berg and her partner incorporates their bodies into her compositions as an extension of their environment, invoking a dialogue on human coexistence with the natural world.

The two figures create a cinematic space that examines ideas of intimacy and symbiosis in relationships between humans and those with nature. Nature and love are an inseparable dyad- Berg’s introduction of human love into her relationship with the natural environment tests the capacities of the heart to maintain ones innermost desires and needs within a primal and fluid relational context.

Berg received a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design in 2007 and currently works and resides in Brooklyn and Springs, NY. 

Shot on Nikon F-100, 35mm Nikon Portra NC film 

This body of self portrait work is autobiographical and represents my experience. 
I find myself and my partner to repeatedly be the subject of my work because the process of creating each image requires a very in-the-moment interaction with the environment and each other. 
The image records the experience as it plays out. 
It is not a complete work to me if I am only behind the lens observing and recording, I am also an active participant. 
The creation of the work allows for both thoughtful and unconscious introspection, allowing me to evaluate and internalize what is important to me. 
There is a large emphasis today on living in the cultural and creative facilitator of the city structure, which has left the human need for and attention to nature undervalued and neglected. 
It’s easy to forget how important it is not only to preserve but to experience the elements we came from.
Like the Romantic painters of the late 19th century responding to the Industrial Revolution and social and scientific rationalization, I hope people will again remember the richness and sublimity of communing with nature. 
The heartbreak of destroying so much of our natural world is inversely manifested in a need for human love and compassion- not just romantically but universally.
— Mia Berg

Shot on Nikon F-100, 35mm Nikon Portra NC film 

Working with film affects my creative process in a way that lends itself to a more thoughtful still image.  My digital work has a completely different process, focus and tone.  I have also never found a way to digitally replicate the poetic richness of film.
— Mia Berg, when asked about her choosing analogue photography

Indiegogo Perks

Introducing our Indiegogo Perks, Part 1. 

As you all know by now, we started an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN earlier last month. Our goal is to raise €10.000. You ask why we need that much money? Read more on our Campaign Blog!

But of course we're not just gonna take your money and run - You get amazing stuff in return! 
Our first 4 Perks are going from 15€ to 100€!

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HONEST. Advocate: Nika De Carlo

Documenting youth is important to Nika because it is a subject that is passionate, never-ending, and fresh. She sees boys and girls longing to be free, to be loved, and to experience the wholeness of living. Nika's work relies on the environments that her subjects call home - their secret places where they are most accepted and safe. She chooses to document this subject to define the meaning of immunity, discovery, relationships, and friendships.

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A Note From Luca

It all started with me cruising towards the sunset on my second day at Burning Man. I have spent a lot of time thinking about my life and which paths to choose and I felt like I needed to do more, to support others, to build a community, and to help each other. Today’s world can be a cold and lonely place and it’s hard to always know right from wrong. I know so many who struggle to find their way and in my experience it just sometimes needs the inspiration and the push of others to get you back on track. I want to work and create, collaborating with others not competing. I knew that this should be the heart of it, the heart of HONEST. 

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HONEST. Advocate: Mary McNeill-Knowles

Mary McNeill-Knowles was lucky enough to be introduced to film photography in her days as a ‘high-schooler’ in Canada. It was the only elective where she was given the opportunity to spend the class either outside exploring the school yard for something interesting to capture, or in a quiet darkroom developing her roll of film. 

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HONEST. goes Surf Worldcup Podersdorf

Two weeks ago we packed our bags and headed to beautiful Lake Neusiedl for the 2015 Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf. Every year we cheer for the best Kiters and Windsurfers, relax at the beach and celebrate life all night long. This year we decided to bring more than good vibes and set up HONEST. at the Royal Surfhouse.

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HONEST. goes SCHON SCHÖN Pop-Up Store!

Last Friday we went to the new Pop-Up Store of our friend JCHOERL, who is known for his design for no other than Conchita Wurst! You could take a look at the fashion designs that have been worn by Miss Wurst and obviously buy exclusive items by the designer himself! And guess what: HONEST. is there too! 

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HONEST. Launch NYC: A little recap of our official launch!

Back in February we successfully launched ISSUE 0 in New York City together with our friends Rachel & Jonathan over at Gowanus Darkroom in Brooklyn. It turned out to be the perfect space for our launch party – beautifully decorated, spacious and equipped to provide the best darkroom services in New York City!

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HONEST. goes ZÅMM Coffee Collective.

HONEST. has hit the store!

YES! After successfully launching ISSUE 0 this February in New York and sending out the magazine to our dear followers, we can proudly announce that you can now also buy HONEST. in store! 

Last Friday we joined our friends from ZÅMM Coffee Collective at their new location in Vienna for their Grand Re-Opening! And I can tell you – we had a lot of fun:

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HONEST. Issue 0

A lot of things have happened in the past four months. Quickly after we (drunkenly) had decided to found a magazine solely featuring analog photography, we set up a website and started contacting photographers. It was only a couple of days into the New Year that our Facebook Page  went online and quickly gained more attention. Thanks to our friends, who shared and liked and talked about HONEST consistently, we are happy to have gathered more than 500 followers in less than a month!

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