HONEST. Advocate: Susanne Einzenberger

Susanne Einzenberger

Camera: Yashica t3 · Diafilm: Kodak EL-2 EliteChrome AS400
Wellington, New Zealand - April 2013

"This photo captures my whole New Zealand experience: rough, windy, salty, cold, sunny, beautiful, feeling free. I love this photo - enlarged, printed and framed it is now decorating my bedroom wall." - Susanne Einzenberger

Susanne Einzenberger, born in Upper Austria, lives and works as a freelance photographer in Vienna.
The main focus of her photography focuses on portraits , advertising and the classic reportage.

Her customers include magazines and agencies such as das Biber - Stadtmagazin, VICE Alps or the Austria Press Agency (APA).
Free works showed the aspiring photographer already at the Kunsthalle Vienna as part of a group exhibition entitled „More Passion - F**k Fashion“ (2012) and in the last year in Kunstkanal Vienna with "Eyes Off".

With "Najboljoj Mami“ - a documentary project about single mothers in Bosnia - Susanne Einzenberger can also submit an expressive photo book.
Excerpts of which were issued in 2012 at the Palais Kabelwerk as part of "Eyes On - European Month of Photography“. 

Camera: Yashica t3 · Diafilm: Kodak EL-2 EliteChrome AS400
Wellington, New Zealand - April 2013

"Wellington is called windy Wellington, and no further description needed when you look at the photo. I think it keeps the old people young." - Susanne Einzenberger 

For me analogue photography is more of a personal matter. My analogue projects are my personal stories, so I don’t know yet which story I’m going to tell you in the future.
— Susanne Einzenberger when asked about her next analogue project.

Camera: leica IIF · Diafilm: Kodak EL-2 EliteChrome AS400
Vienna, Austria - July 2013

"Bed stories. Hold on and look where you are. Freeze the moment and the beautiful blue light. It's dark, flowers are weak but with love everything's perfect." - Susanne Eizenberger