HONEST. Issue 0



A lot of things have happened in the past four months. Quickly after we (drunkenly) had decided to found a magazine solely featuring analog photography, we set up a website and started contacting photographers. It was only a couple of days into the New Year that our Facebook Page  went online and quickly gained more attention. Thanks to our friends, who shared and liked and talked about HONEST consistently, we are happy to have gathered more than 500 followers in less than a month! Meanwhile, we’re happy to see our website registering more and more visitors everyday. People subscribing to our newsletter and ordering their ISSUE 0 even before our official release fills us with joy and lets us know that we are on the right path.

            Speaking of special events, we’re beyond excited to have announced our grand launch in New York City on February 22nd at the amazing Gowanus Darkroom, where we will finally make what has been the culmination of a ton of hard work and your support – HONEST. Quarterly – available to the public. But our content isn’t limited to HONEST. Quarterly – in the months between the launch of Issue 0 and Issue 1 (set for release in June 2015), you’ll still be able to get your fill of analog photography on our website, including unpublished photographs, interviews with photographers, and of course, new blog posts to keep you fully up-to-date with all the happenings here at HONEST.

            Now, this all sounds like a great big pat on the back for ourselves here at HONEST., but we know full well that none, absolutely none of this would be possible without you, our HONEST. Family. The sense of community we feel growing around the project reaches so far beyond us, the love we see for analog is so deep, that we are completely in awe. Everything that’s been accomplished so far, all the hard work we’ve put in, it all has come back tenfold from you, our community. From the photographers, to the designers and artists, to our friends, to all you film addicts out there that can’t get enough of analog – it’s all of you who’ve made this possible. We’ll always keep that at heart and let our community guide us, both now and as our project continues to grow. 

Stay HONEST. xoxo Luca, Kav & Stef

© Luca-Mercedes Stemer, HONEST. Issue 0 - Page7

© Luca-Mercedes Stemer, HONEST. Issue 0 - Page7

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