Indiegogo Perks


Last week we have already presented you the first part of our Indiegogo Perks, ranging from €25 up to €100! We admit that our last four perks are more for the big spenders among you peeps, but at the same time also the most exciting ones.. So brace yourselves for the countdown of the final four HONEST. perks!


This is an example of how our fine art prints will look like! Photo by Nika de Carlo

This is an example of how our fine art prints will look like! Photo by Nika de Carlo

This is the first perk that also includes a fine art print of one of the photos from our Issue Ø! It will be the first out of five limited prints that will be sold of that photo, which means that only four other people will own that exclusive print! Thanks to our friends at Maison Blanchet Frères the photo will be printed and framed in only the highest quality!




Perk No. 6 is the real deal and comes with basically anything your HONEST. heart is longing for! It combines everything from the previous perks, which includes stickers, postcards, a tote bag, a signed Issue Ø and a subscription for the upcoming three issues! On top of that you will also get an exclusive fine art print of one of the photos from Issue Ø, in fact you will get the third to last of the five limited prints that will be for sale!



You are an experienced photographer but would like to try out new equipment and get some fresh inspiration? You wanna learn how to shoot on film and how to choose the right gear for different situations? You have always wanted to learn how to develop your own film? This perk is definitely for you. Not only will you be able to participate in an exclusive analogue photography workshop with one of the HONEST. founders and one of our HONEST. Advocates, but you will also get to develop your own rolls in the dark room with us! Also we will make sure you don't have to sleep outside or starve to death!




Here we go. We'll be honest with you: If you have too much money lying around and/or have a narcissistic personality, then this perk is made for you, my sweet prince(ss). We will photograph a body part of yours (or the whole thing) that will be on the front cover of an exclusive edition limited to 100 magazines (of which 10 are yours to keep!). And if that is not enough yet, it will also carry your name. Yes, this could be your legacy. Seize this once in a lifetime chance so you can tell your grandkids about it! (Also beers are included)


This is it, boys and girls. We hope you found something you like or at least felt amused about our creative naming of the perks. Please help us fund this project and we will shower you with.. well, all of the above. Stay honest, my dears!