Indiegogo Perks

Introducing our Indiegogo Perks, Part 1. 

As you all know by now, we started an Indiegogo Campaign earlier last month. Our goal is to raise €10.000. You ask why we need that much money? Read more on our Campaign Blog!

But of course we're not just gonna take your money and run - You get amazing stuff in return! 
Our first 4 Perks are going from 15€ to 100€!



Whether you need something to decorate your lonely white walls or as a little give away for a special someone, if you pledge €15 you can get 5 Postcards (size DIN A5) with photos from our Issue Ø!
Unfortunately we can not show you a preview as of now, since they are printed as we speak.
But we will make sure to make an update once they are ready!


You want to have our Issue Ø but don't want to pass up on our awesome merchandise that comes with it? We think this is the best deal you can get! Issue Ø + Tote Bag + Stickers = great deal!

In our Online Store you get an unsigned Issue Ø + a Tote Bag for 25€, so buy it over our Indiegogo Site and get a signature of your favourite Photographer and free stickers!


The Iso Chieftain gives you all the freedom you need. Now you can rip one magazine apart, put your favourite photographs on the wall and stuff your pillow with the rest of it. Because after all you got another copy! 
You can also put one in your brand new Tote Bag, taking it for a walk to the post office if you decide to mail one of your 3 HONEST. Postcards!


Now that's the full package. Not only do you get all the perks mentioned before (Issue Ø, Tote Bag, Stickers and Postcards), but you also get a one year subscription entitling you to Issue I - IV! 

You like film photography? You think there is not enough print appreciation out there? Then this one is for you!

If you want to spend money in a big way, wait until next week when we will introduce our last 4 Perks - Aperture King, Exposure Emperor, Chromatic Immortal and Shutter Speed Deity! 

There are also a lot of other ways you can help us. Share our Campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all other channels you can find! (You can use the Indiegogo Tools for that as well.)

Yours Truly.