HONEST Advocate: Johams Leguisamo

Johams Leguisamo

On the top. November 2013 - Panama 

Johams Leguisamo is from Panama City, where he works as graphic designer - but on weekends it's a different story: He tries to go out of the city to new places as often possible, where he gets inspiration for new projects. Johams started shooting film in 2009 with a toy camera and since then he has not stopped, it's second his nature now! When he goes skating with friends or travels around the country, his camera is  always with him - as well as some film rolls.

Cameras & Films Johams uses: Seagull 4a-103 and Fuji GW690ii || Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford HP5+

Los cajones. February 2015 - Panama 

Los cajones. February 2015 - Panama 

It is the best feeling in the world!
Shooting and not knowing what will be the outcome of it, cause it does not matter how much effort you put into getting the best out of your frames.
Film will always make it look even better!
It’s always Christmas when I get my negatives back.
— Johams Leguisamo on why he chooses analogue photography.

La Fortuna. February 2015 - Costa Rica 

Johams's work was shown in London, Rome and Panama as well as published in books and magazines in Australia, Mexico and Guatemala. Future projects will include a set of nude people in landscape with his 6x9 camera. We are excited to see more of his work!

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