HONEST Advocate: Fritz Lichtenwagner

Fritz Lichtenwagner

Fritz Lichtenwagner is a photographer born in Vienna, 1994.
He prefers mechanical cameras without any batteries. To Fritz the process of developing film is more honest and authentic.
Using his Leica M2 (with Tri-x 400) or his little mju, he went from Austria to Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and Switzerland, bringing back this wonderful captivating photographies.

The human, lost in his environment and in the perception of others, fuses with his surroundings.
Lost in billion of humans, I like to capture the essence of his own.
Cut off from others, the illusion of isolation.
Just them, the humans on their own given priority.
— Fritz Lichtwagner
I like giving focus to the people - with a clean and composed background.
— Fritz Lichtenwagner

His next project is a book called "Kabelwerke".