21 Hours in Bilbao


Our Unicorn T. did it again, and took a disposable camera on one of her trips. 
This time the city of choice was Bilbao in the North of Spain.

Read more about how this challenge started and her story about her first try on the 21 Hours in Lisbon post.

After the first 21 Hours and 21 Picture challenge I did in Lisbon, I wanted to try it again.
This time in another favourite city of mine; Bilbao.

Another disposable camera was bought rather quickly, before jumping on a bus from San Sebastián to the center of the Basque Country.
— T.
Since my 21 hours in Lisbon I learnt that I have to work on my timing.
We at Honest. agreed on one picture per hour. This time I wouldn’t leave out the views and the artsy parts of the city.

I spent a couple of hours in the Guggenheim Museum that day, as you can see in the gallery. 
A place which calms me down and excites me at the same time. 

One more thing that always takes my breath away in Bilbao is the architecture, which I tried to capture as much as possible with the strict time line I had.
— T.

Top 3 things to do in Bilbao:

1. Guggenheim Museum
2. Strolling through the park. 
3. Eating in the old part of town.

T. is already thinking about where she will go next. If you want to take up this fun challenge as well, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

The Rediscovering - A Time Travel.

Prague, Czech Republic - 2009

Since 2009 I’ve finished college, worked in two different jobs, moved four times, traveled to far away lands and not so far away cities. 

Beginning of 2015 I decided to move to Spain for a couple of months to learn Spanish, explore the differences and enjoy life on the sunny side. 

I didn’t want to give up my apartment in Vienna, so I decided to sublet my room while I was gone. If you have ever sublet your apartment or your room, you know how all your stuff is suddenly everywhere. Someone else moving in with even more things seems sheer impossible. It was time for a good clean out. While sorting through old boxes filled with what mainly looked like cheat sheets and not-sent love letters, I came across my old Lomo Fisheye Camera

I got the camera for my 21st birthday and have only used it a few times before it got lost in one of the shoe boxes I only open when I feel extremely nostalgic (read: once every blue moon).

To my surprise it still had a film in it. Another 2 weeks passed with the film sitting on my desk before Luca decided to take it to our local film lab. 
I didn’t think anything was on it and even if there was, I had no idea what it could be. 

A week later I got a bunch of developed films back from Luca. 
When I sorted through them I thought she might had mixed them up. It wasn’t until seeing a picture of my friend showing the cake she got for her 22nd birthday.

The year was 2009 and apparently I was in Prague that year. 
The memories came back. I did go to Prague in August 2009 for a concert. 

I only spend a night there and if I didn’t have photographic proof, I wouldn’t have remembered that I actually had a couple of hours to myself to explore the city. 


So thank you to my camera and my oblivious brain for the trip down Memory Lane.
This is something that could have never happened with digital photography. 


Yours truly, T.

21 Hours in Lisbon

One city, one disposable camera, 21 hours and 21 pictures.

‘Make sure to take some pictures’ - Everyone who has been on vacation, has probably been told to capture their experiences. Experiences that one should share with family and friends upon return. 
Sure, camera phones have made sharing simply easy. Especially when going on a one or two-day trip, where bringing your whole camera equipment would be considered exaggerated. 

So what is the camera phone - equivalence to a film camera? 
We at HONEST. call point-and-shoot cameras into action. 

Our Social Media Unicorn and Globetrotter T. is a big fan of weekend trips, as well as disposable cameras. 
In June she jumped on a plane to Lisbon to meet up with some friends, so we equipped her with a 9,90€ point-and-shoot. 

To make it a bit more interesting we made a challenge out of it.
A challenge with one simple rule: One picture per hour. 

No matter where T. would go, she would have to take one picture every hour, for 21 hours. 

A couple of hours in another city? Sign me up!
It’s been almost a year since my last trip to Lisbon. Portugal is by far one of my favourite countries to visit, no matter if it’s for surfing, road-tripping or visiting friends in the capital.
Therefore I had absolutely no objection to take the little plastic camera with me for the weekend. I was really excited since I didn’t bring any of my other cameras.

I had all these great shots in my head, places that I’ve been to, places I thought would be great to capture for the project.
The 21-Hour-Challenge sounded very easy. I mean, how hard can it be to take one picture every hour?

I arrived Friday night and decided to start shooting Saturday morning (noon-ish) and keep going until Sunday morning before heading back to the airport.

In the beginning I always had to check my bag to see if I brought the camera with me, since it was so light.

We went to the Flea market and I started to check the time more frequently. I think, it was after the first 4 hours that I realised that I couldn’t take pictures of all the things that I actually wanted.

At one point I really did want to break the rule. Lisbon has amazing Miradouros (viewpoints) which I did want to get on film. Unfortunately I just had taken a photo.

By the time I reached the airport the next day, I was pretty much used to take out the camera and just shoot what was in front of me.
— T.
I will definitely do this again. It’s such a fun experiment and it’s definitely a different kind of holiday snaps.
— T.

Top 3 things to do while in Lisbon

  1. Miradouro de Santa Catarina - Bairro Alto
  2. Alfama Flea Market - Feira de Ladra
  3. Take a Tram.


Confession: I gave my best, but I did cheat once when I failed to hear the timer. And once when I was sleeping for a bit. Mum’s the word!