The Rediscovering - A Time Travel.

Prague, Czech Republic - 2009

Since 2009 I’ve finished college, worked in two different jobs, moved four times, traveled to far away lands and not so far away cities. 

Beginning of 2015 I decided to move to Spain for a couple of months to learn Spanish, explore the differences and enjoy life on the sunny side. 

I didn’t want to give up my apartment in Vienna, so I decided to sublet my room while I was gone. If you have ever sublet your apartment or your room, you know how all your stuff is suddenly everywhere. Someone else moving in with even more things seems sheer impossible. It was time for a good clean out. While sorting through old boxes filled with what mainly looked like cheat sheets and not-sent love letters, I came across my old Lomo Fisheye Camera

I got the camera for my 21st birthday and have only used it a few times before it got lost in one of the shoe boxes I only open when I feel extremely nostalgic (read: once every blue moon).

To my surprise it still had a film in it. Another 2 weeks passed with the film sitting on my desk before Luca decided to take it to our local film lab. 
I didn’t think anything was on it and even if there was, I had no idea what it could be. 

A week later I got a bunch of developed films back from Luca. 
When I sorted through them I thought she might had mixed them up. It wasn’t until seeing a picture of my friend showing the cake she got for her 22nd birthday.

The year was 2009 and apparently I was in Prague that year. 
The memories came back. I did go to Prague in August 2009 for a concert. 

I only spend a night there and if I didn’t have photographic proof, I wouldn’t have remembered that I actually had a couple of hours to myself to explore the city. 


So thank you to my camera and my oblivious brain for the trip down Memory Lane.
This is something that could have never happened with digital photography. 


Yours truly, T.