HONEST. Advocate: Urizen Freaza

Urizen Freaza - Dobles

Emulsion lift of color polaroid on monochrome polaroid
'Doble Luisa' - 2015

Urizen Freaza is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, born in Tenerife, Spain in 1982.
Since 2010 he is based in Berlin, Germany.

In the past years Urizen took part in a variety of group exhibitions in the UK, as well as the United States. 2010 his work was featured in the ARTE documentary "Polaroid - magische Momente".
Urizen is no stranger to the Impossible Project and has won their "Face the Impossible" contest in October 2014. 

Some of his work can also be found in Filmshooters Collectiv's  "Fading From Memory".

Emulsion lift of color polaroid on monochrome polaroid
'Doble Evelyn' - 2015

To say an image consists of many layers sounds very obvious, but i do believe instant photography has one extra layer, which is the physical one.
Even more than film in general, polaroids are objects that you can hold.
When you see a polaroid you know the photographer, and most likely everyone appearing on it, touched it.
They passed it around and looked at it and reacted to it. It’s a fetish in the animistic sense of the word.
— Urizen

Emulsion lift of color polaroid on monochrome polaroid
'Doble Pablo' - 2015

For the ‘hidden’ picture in the background only UV light was used.
This light found in the part of the spectrum invisible to the eye, was meant as a tool to look behind, to see what was hidden.
A portrait is by definition superficial, a two-dimensional representation of a person.
In order to show the person, one layer doesn’t suffice.
— Urizen