Honest. Advocate: Luisa Hübner

Luisa Hübner


Luisa Hübner was born 1988 in Germany.

She studied at the Friedl Kubelka school for artistic photography in Vienna / Austria.
Luisa alsp participated in several workshops led
by international artists like Rinko Kawauchi, Antoine d‘Agata, Jessica Backhaus, among others.

She currently lives and works in Vienna / Austria. 

I use my camera as a tool to explore my subconscious mind. Introspective, capturing visual associations.
Picturing contrasts of absence and presence, of hiding and revealing.

What I am showing is part of an alienated reality. The atmosphere conveyed is not concrete and thus providing space for own projections. Non-obvious, introverted and vulnerable.

I use the medium Polaroid as it adds something abstract and unpredictable to my photographs. Image errors as well as the fragility of the medium are integral parts of my work.
— Luisa Hübner

Her work was displayed in a variety of exhibistion: Viva Polaroid [Fotoquartier Vienna / Vienna]; Sind im Vesch [Vesch / Austria]; Text:Bild / Bild:Text II [Fotogalerie Vienna / Austria]; Pas de deux [Kunst Haus Vienna / Austria]; Les ateliers [Les ateliers / France]

Luisa is also working on some book projects.